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Master of Business Administration

Marymount California University’s MBA program uniquely and explicitly connects the tools of economics, technology, and marketing to entrepreneurship and business development. Courses cover essential skills for business leaders, along with a relevant and practical exploration of today’s management environment. Through a common core of courses taken by all master’s-level students, students will gain essential leadership knowledge as they participate in comprehensive, experience-driven learning. In addition, Marymount’s relevant and rigorous core curriculum allows students to:

  1. Develop a personal leadership philosophy by reflecting on leadership theories and attributes, and acquiring the leadership skills and abilities necessary to motivate others toward common goals. (MCU-ID 530, MCU-CD 500)
  2. Demonstrate a consistent evidence-based decision making approach using rigorous analysis and interpretation of business data with appropriate tools and techniques. (MCU-ACCT 501, MCU-GS 500, MCU-BUS 500, MCU-ECO 520, MCU-BUS 512, MCU-BUS 561)
  3. Identify, define, research and analyze an organizational problem or question, leading to a sustainable business plan or set of actionable recommendations that balances ethical, economic and other considerations. (MCU-BUS 697-698)
  4. Integrate global, cultural, technical and economic considerations into analysis of business opportunities. (MCU-BUS 697-698)
  5. Utilize peer feedback to support a spirit of inquiry, reflection, mutual respect and quality improvement within a community of practice.

NOTE: All courses must be passed with a grade of B or higher.

About Marymount California University

The Marymount California University makes available the MBA in an online and blended learning format to provide maximum flexibility. The Marymount California University MBA program prepares students for effective and ethical entrepreneurial leadership in a global interconnected economy.

MBA students develop analytical, applied, and interpersonal skills within an interdisciplinary community of practice to recognize, interpret, present, and lead business solutions to societal and organizational challenges. The program uniquely combines management, leadership, and fieldwork to prepare for effective professional roles in for-profit or non-profit organizations as well as start-ups. The Marymount California University graduate programs were developed with the busy, working professional in mind. The flexible class schedule, through online courses, means that a student can reach his/her educational and career goals, while continuing to maintain a balanced life. The 36-unit master’s degree program in business is designed for quick completion of the degree. With coursework that is relevant and tailored to an individual’s career goals, the educational experience will emphasize the critical competencies, practical knowledge and skills for the real world. What’s more, all master’s level courses are taught by highly accomplished and accessible professors who care about each student’s success.

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